Thursday, January 05, 2006

Patsy Kinsey Chose Neighborhood Meeting

I'm not sure how many Democrats attended Nancy Carter's pre-retreat strategy meeting, but I know one who chose to keep her commitment to a neighborhood in her district.

Patsy Kinsey decided it was more important to support her constituents in the Commonwealth Morningside Neighborhood as they presented the new plan for Morningside. "It's a very exciting plan and I'm glad I was there to see it," Kinsey said Thursday night after the meeting.

In his blog,
Running Mate, Richard Rubin reported the meeting saying they would avoid the open-meetings law by including only the 5 district council members. Rubin said that Democrats need this strategy session because, "Democrats often lack a coherent agenda and have difficulty rounding up votes. "

Rubin seems to be advocating that a party should vote with one voice. I guess that would be fine if they were voting with the voice of reason, but there are too many individual agendas on the council for that to happen.


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