Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year Round Two

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. The May primaries aren't as far off as they might seem. I will try to bring as much information about our Democratic candidates here as I can. I will be sending questionnaires out to candidates and if they respond I will print them in their entirety. While I'm not planning to endorse for the primary, I will be spouting my opinion.

I personally think Democrats can unseat Robin Hayes this cycle. I hear Kissell is out in the district getting to know voters the old fashioned way, while Dunn is getting some face time on CNN. I think for the primary the grassroots efforts will pay off in this district in the long run. I'm a news junkie and even I missed the Dunn interview.

If any candidates (Sorry, Democrats only) have fundraisers or other events coming up, I will be happy to post them here. I will post all events that are sent in by the candidate or campaign manager and will try to verify all others. Please post them in the comments and I will bring them to the front page. Also make sure you send these to Blue N.C. They are keeping a calendar as well.

Happy New Year! Good luck and have fun!


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