Tuesday, January 03, 2006

N.C. Dems Take a Lesson from Texas

I was doing my morning readings of lefty blogs when I found a comment on Daily Kos made by a candidate for Attorney General in Texas, David Van Os. It appears that Democrats are coming out of the woodwork in Texas to challenge incumbents, especially Republicans. Os said:

I'm not talking about fringe lefties, I'm talking about millions of mainstream working people and middle-class Texans who have seen through the fraudulence of the Bush Family for two decades, have detested them for at least that long, who've been frustrated beyond measure at the ease with which the Bushite con artists fooled friends and neighbors, and who now are seeing the irrefutable evidence that those friends and neighbors are finally awakening from the spell. And when they awake to how they've been suckered and fooled, they tend to be mad as hell. It's going on all over the state right this minute.

It is so palpable that grassroots Democrats from all over the state came in to the State Party office in heavy numbers to file to run against Republican incumbents. By the close of the filing period at 6:00 p.m. Monday, Democrats had filed for all the statewide offices and for 31 of the state's 32 congressional seats. 20 of the 21 Republican U.S. House incumbents will face Democrats in the fall. There are even contested Democratic primaries in some of those 20 Republican-held districts. The same thing is going on in the state legislature filings and in some of the state appellate courts. The Democratic fire is burning hot as a firecracker in the Lone Star State.

It looks like Democrats in Texas are ready to oust the bugman and his pals. North Carolina is a red state, like Texas and while we may not be mired in cronyism the way Texas has been and we may not have had illegal redistricting forced on us, we need to feel the same passion to take back Washington. We can win in some of these marginally Republican districts and send more Democrats to lead us out of this deep dark hole of Republican corruption. It's time to get fired up, N.C. Dems!


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