Saturday, December 31, 2005

Frank Ballance Went to Prison Yesterday

I'm having a hard time shedding a tear for him. His supporters claim that Ballance helped a lot of people, kept people off of drugs and alcohol. The problem is there are no testimonials. If you follow the money what you find is Frank Ballance spreading the wealth to his churches and ministers who, in turn, made donations to his campaigns. I have yet to read one testimonial from an individual who says that their life was turned around because of Ballance's charity the John Hyman Foundation.

I have no problem with his supporters holding a fundraiser for him before he heads to prison. It might help him pay his fines and restitution, although he says he has already done so. I do have a problem with any claim that he doesn't deserve to be punished. Ballance was not unfairly targeted because he is black. He was targeted because he is guilty. There is ample proof of his guilt.

I don't know why the recent articles have me so angry. I think it's because I'm tired of elected officials claiming ignorance or innocence in the face of overwhelming proof that they were fully aware of their actions and fully aware they were breaking the law. I won't sit by idly while Black, Ney, DeLay, DoLittle and all other Republicans facing charges claim their innocence. I will hold Democrats to the same standards.

The entire series of articles dating back to 2003 by Don Carrington of Carolina Journal Online can be found here. A PDF download of the indictment against Frank and Garey Ballance can be found here.

I apologize for not giving a synopsis of charges or actions that resulted in the charges, but there is so much over such a long period of time it is mind boggling. Following the money is not an easy task because it goes in so many different directions. If you have any interest at all I suggest reading Don Carrington's articles. They appear to be fairly objective to me.

Garey and Frank continue to claim they are innocent. I wish them the best in prison.


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