Thursday, January 05, 2006

Narrowing the Choices for 2008

That does it! Hillary is out. I had never actually considered voting for her, but she's making it much easier to go ahead and narrow the field.

According to
CNN, Hillary and campaign officials hired three-time felon, Peter F. Paul, to help finance a lavish Hollywood fundraiser in 2000. There were huge financial discrepancies between real costs and what was filed with the FEC.

Paul has claimed the event cost more than $1.9 million, even though campaign reports at the time put the price tag at about $500,000. As part of the agreement, the actual cost is now put at $1.2 million, with almost $400,000 unreported for the cost of producing the concert, and nearly $100,000 unreported for travel and lodging costs.

That's not really the part that bothers me. Clinton has agreed to pay the fine which is more than Elizabeth Dole has agreed to do with her FEC fine. (I'll rant more on that later.) What bothers me is this. THREE-TIME FELON! What in God's name were you thinking Hillary? Please tell me you were a little more hands-on than that.

So, the field narrows by one.

And one more thing.....a fundraiser is where you actually make money for the campaign, not spend grotesque amounts to entertain the Hollywood types.


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