Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fineman Gives Winners and Losers in Abramoff Scandal

Howard Fineman has written an article about the winners and losers in the Abramoff scandal. When I saw the headline I was expecting to see a few more specifics, but I'll let him slide since I happen to agree with him on most of it.

Fineman says the biggest losers will be members of Congress, the Republican Party, the DeLay-Hastert groupie set and the Rove-Bush White House. You can read his article

I think there are some other losers as well. As sappy as it sounds I think the kids who were never helped by the phony charity, Capital Athletic Foundation, are on the losing end of this deal. And what about all those people who donated money to CAF? Aren't they on the losing end as well? But then, I haven't noticed much outrage coming from the influential congressmen and senators who usually attended these galas. Do you think that maybe there's no outrage because they all knew CAF was just a phony front anyway?

It's just a little something to think about.


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