Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sue Myrick has Some Splainin to Do

Well, well, well if sweet Sue hasn't just ruined her chance of making it to the Governor's mansion. It seems that Sue signed a letter for Jack Abramoff urging the Bush administration to reject a Louisiana Indian casino back in February 2002. During the following two years she accepted about $2000 in contributions from Indian tribes that were rivals of the Louisiana tribe.

This doesn't mean that Myrick was necessarily accepting a bribe, but I'm having trouble believing that Sue Myrick would sign this letter for the helluvit especially since Indian tribes in North Carolina have their own little gambling thing going. Have you ever heard of Harrahs in Cherokee, N.C.? Why would Sue have a problem with any other tribe having gambling facilities, especially one in a state so far away?

If Sue Myrick was predisposed to work against gambling in her role as a legislator I wouldn't have a problem with her signing a letter urging the Bush administration to deny the Louisiana tribe their chance at making money with a gambling facility. Has she worked against gambling in N.C. and we just don't know about it? I will be studying her voting habits in regards to gambling and Indian casinos over the rest of today and will update this post once I am finished.

Accepting money from Jack Abramoff doesn't make her guilty of doing anything wrong and if there was no quid pro quo I don't even think she needs to consider returning the money. Remember, Sue is innocent until proven guilty and she may be guilty of nothing more than using very poor judgment.

Sue Myrick needs to explain exactly what motivated her to sign a letter that had no bearing on North Carolina business. Did the power brokers in the Republican Party encourage it? Did she do it without putting any thought into it? Did she realize that she was receiving money from rival Indian tribes?

The Charlotte Observer has
this to say. I will update with more information as I find it.


Blogger Gray Newman said...

You mean to tell me that Mrs. Family Values may have taken tainted money? Say it ain't so!

9:28 PM, January 05, 2006  
Blogger B. Muse said...

Awww hon, I'm afraid it very well might be true. It certainly looks suspicious. She needs to offer some sort of explanation.

9:41 PM, January 05, 2006  

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