Thursday, February 22, 2007

NC Leading Way in Global War

Not the war you're thinking about. Our state is taking steps in the battle against greenhouse gases. Granted, they are baby steps. Finally, it appears our state won't be trailing behind the rest of intelligent life on at least one issue.

According to Margaret Lillard of the AP via The Charlotte Observer:
As governments around the world look for ways to fight global warming, North Carolina lawmakers are eyeing a simple set of green guidelines that supporters hope will be the first steps in a successful war against greenhouse gases.

A blue-ribbon panel that has spent the past year discussing climate change is to meet Thursday to draw up an interim report for state lawmakers on possible actions North Carolina can take to address global warming.
According to the article, most of the measures will include actions that can be taken by energy consumers and providers.

BlueNC writers didn't wait for the state to take action, though. In July, Lance wrote a piece that outlined nine things we can do now to slow climate change. Robert P. has discussed the benefits of compact fluorescent bulbs on several occasions. The linked article is from September.

I'm sure our discussions won't end, but we need to make sure they don't end at the state level. Pricey Harrison is quoted in the article and there are 34 members of the panel/commission. We need to find out what we can do to help build support for the items on the list that might be met with opposition.

Let's not all bombard Representative Harrison with phone calls and emails at the same time.


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