Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jim Black News Stories

Who here is tired of Jim Black news? We're getting bombarded in Charlotte and I feel the need to share with you. I'm nice that way. heh

There have been two recent articles that are worth reading. The first includes tidbits about the ongoing investigation. It was actually in Saturday's paper so I missed it. Apologies if you've seen this already.

Something tells me there are some nervous tummies in Raleigh.
RALEIGH - Federal authorities said this week they are continuing their public corruption investigation, even after a major target, former House Speaker Jim Black, pleaded guilty Thursday.

They did not say who their next target is -- leaving a silence that is causing some discomfort among state lawmakers, lobbyists, campaign contributors and others who have a lot invested in N.C. politics.
The article doesn't speculate which names might pop up, but does offer a list of folks who were called before the federal grand jury in Raleigh to chat about their mutual friend, Jim Black.

The good news given toward the end of the article is that the purchased legislation will be reversed. I wonder if the buyers will get their money back?

The second article was in yesterday's Charlotte Observer. Apparently in his state of the state speech last night, the Governor failed to mention Black's name. Not once. Hey Gov, I tried that whole "ignore the problem and it will go away" routine. Didn't work for me either.

I'll let you read it so you can see what the Governor's goals are for his final two years. However, I do have to comment on one little bitty thing.

You know how some politicians master the art of saying absolutely nothing, but making it sound like they're saying something? Witness, Robert Pittenger, Sue Myrick's special friend:
"I want to see how it can add up," said Sen. Robert Pittenger, R-Mecklenburg. "There's a lot of great opportunity to do a lot of things, but how are you going to pay for it?"
Words of Wisdom, Pitt, words of wisdom.

And via today's Observer:
Court documents on Tuesday detailed illegal payments from three chiropractors to Jim Black:

Fletcher Keith
Charlotte: Gave $8,000

Steve Willen
Greensboro: Gave $11,000

Tom Brown,
Charlotte: Gave $10,000
I guess this is one of those, "it's going to get worse before it gets better" kind of things.

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