Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hillary's Baggage

Now that Kerry is out and it looks like the Presidential field is tightening a bit [heh], I took a look back at the January 1, 2007 issue of Newsweek. The major story in this edition features Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and asks if America is ready for a woman or African American as President.

It's not a bad piece and puts a lot out there that can serve as conversation starters.....and enders.

Then, there was this little tidbit and it stopped me dead in my tracks:
And what about Bill? The 42nd president is clearly a major plus for Hillary as long as he does nothing to embarrass his wife. One close friend of the family, who requested anonymity for obvious reasons, says the two now have a "loving marriage" and that his intense desire to see Hillary as president is helping him fight his longstanding "addiction": "He so wants her to get recognized for her fabulousness that he could live without a lot of things you wouldn't think he could live without."
Addiction? Oh....and wait....he wants her to be President soooo much there are a lot of things he's going to live without. What? Like sex with younger women? What about living without it because he LOVES HIS WIFE!

Hillary isn't my first choice as a candidate, but I sure do feel sorry for her after reading this. It appears Bill isn't her greatest asset. He may very well be her heaviest piece of baggage.

[Note] I've linked to page five of the article because that is where the quote is located. This is a long piece, but worth the read.

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