Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Easley Beats Liddy in Head to Wig Poll

We have more polling goodness coming our way tonight from Public Policy Polling. They polled 501 registered voters on January 22, 2007. Their release says these are "likely general election voters".

They polled on approval ratings for our governor and senators as well as approval ratings for the war in Iraq. We will also get to see how a hypothetical meeting between He-Who-Refuses-To-Run and Empty Wig would end up.

Easley wins the popularity contest hands down. He has a 50% approval rating compared to 36% for Dole and 32% for Burr.

North Carolinians do not like Bush's plan to escalate death and dismemberment in Iraq. A surprisingly high 57% of those polled do not approve of the plan.

Finally, in a head to wig hypothetical race, Easley beats Dole 44% to 41%. I wonder if Governor Easley is paying attention?

For more information on this poll including all the crosstab goodness please go here. (PDF)

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