Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sue Myrick Bitch Slaps Robert Pittenger

Jim Morrill from The Charlotte Observer got a chance to step outside his typical dry political world and write about something juicy. I'm not going to give it all away, so you will have to go read it yourself.

Gist for the mill: Sue Myrick is in for 2008. She blames Robert Pittenger for spreading a rumor that she was not going to run. Sue no likey Robert Pittenger anymore and it looks like another man is involved. Oooh, a political menage a trois.

In a rare public rebuff, U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick Tuesday severed ties with fellow Charlotte Republican and longtime supporter Robert Pittenger.

Myrick told Pittenger, a state senator, that she was kicking him off her congressional finance committee and asked him to remove her picture from a Web site.

"I no longer think it appropriate for you to have a part in the strategic direction of my political future," she wrote.


In her letter to Pittenger, Myrick said she had heard "from numerous sources" that the two of them had "cut a deal" where Myrick would run for governor and endorse Pittenger for her congressional seat.

"I am not going to run for governor and I am not going to support you for Congress," she wrote.

What does Pittenger have to say and where does he place the blame for this development? You'll have to read the Observer. I can't give away all the juicy stuff Jim worked so hard to ferret out.

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