Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weapons of Mass Destruction in Charlotte

If a gathering of Young Republicans doesn't qualify as a weapon of mass destruction, I don't know what does. There was certainly something in the air this weekend as Young Republicans held their state convention in Charlotte, and that something was the aroma of the mingling of incompetence, greed and fear.

The toddling neophytes of the Republican regime were lobbied by the list of GOP goobernatorial hopefuls including Former N.C. Supreme Courth Justice Bob Orr, Charlotte Mayor Patrick McCrory(?), State Sen. Robert Pittenger and "wealthy trial lawyer" Bill Graham. Patrick Ballentine was not able to attend.

The Charlotte Observer has the story, as well as a few handy quotes from some of the hopefuls and also rans. I think the funniest quote is from our dear Mayor, Pat McCrory:
McCrory emphasized the importance of building "cordial, not adversarial" relationships with the business community. He said having the future NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte will ensure some of the brightest minds in technology remain in the area.
Ahhhh, yes, because scientists and tech gurus are all big NASCAR fans. Sorry, Mayor Pat, you lost me on that one.

The scariest quote came from Bill Graham:
"What we've got to get back to is right and wrong politics, not right and left politics."
I'll leave it to you to figure out what he thinks the difference is between right and wrong and I bet you don't even need a hint.

The article doesn't talk much about the convention, so there's no gossip to pass on. I'm sure all the little "dear leaders" had the times of their lives.

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