Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kick-Ass Women and their Kick-Ass Blogs

This past week I promised a discussion of and links to women bloggers. There's this little thing called time that keeps slipping on by and I'm just getting around to it. I'm sorry if you've been waiting by your computer, refreshing every few seconds to see what SD has to say about women and blogging. (He he he ha ha ha - I really do have a firm grasp on reality!)

I tried to set myself a time limit after spending over six hours lost in reading blogs written by African Americans and American Indians. My time limit didn't work. I realize I won't be able to do this every day, but there are some amazing blogs written by extraordinary, ordinary people - all skin colors, genders, ethnicities.

For today's collection, I skipped going to Blogher and headed straight for our own NC Blog Index. Shame on you if you haven't been checking out our own blogroll. The great thing about the NC Blog Index is people can add their own blog to the list. They don't need an invitation, just the desire to register for the site and add their name to the list.

The newest addition to the NC Blog Index just happens to be written by a woman. She has been registered here for over two months as nctodc. The name of her blog is Ripples of Hope. She is from North Carolina and lives in D.C. "All Wet" was written in July of '05 and has a great response to Ken Mehlman's apology for the Southern Strategy.

While she lives in D.C. nctodc writes about North Carolina Politics. This entry, on the NC Governor's race is very interesting. It begins:
It’s not often that I agree with Chuck Todd and John Mercurio’s opinions on Hotline TV, so last week when Mercurio mentioned North Carolina as a possible bright spot for the Republican Party” in 2008, I didn’t think much of it–they’re wrong a lot.

But then, Nathan Gonzales, political editor of the Rothenberg Political Report included North Carolina’s governorship on its watchlist for ‘08. Now admittedly, the Rothenberg Report isn’t at all authoritative in its conclusion, but it, combined with John Mercurio’s statements, gives me pause.

For fear that someone without knowledge of the Old North State, might actually take them seriously, let me offer this simple retort: it ain’t gonna happen.
She has great insight on NC politics, interned for Edwards in '04 and has positive things to say about Obama. Oh....and she likes ACC basketball.

I don't have to say too much about the next visit on the blogroll. Drama Queen takes care of that for us. However, I will encourage you to check the 10th District blog, Pat go bye-bye as frequently as you can. Stop in and leave a few comments and send the link to your friends.

DQ has started something that is sure to catch on big, so make sure she knows if/when you see anything about Patty McLapDog. (Thanks Working for Change!) Don't miss this post by micandacam, who has registered here at BlueNC under that same userid. It's a nice summary of McLapDog's accomplishments. heh heh

Another BlueNC community member, Carolina Girl, has an individual blog titled, Citizen Journalist Review. This site is very easy to navigate. It's relatively young and CG is doing a nice job. The content is heavy on John Edwards, because (as we all should know by now) Carolina Girl is an Edwards supporter. Head on over and scroll through the categories on the right. She also has non-JRE content like this post on NC's environment.

The final blog for today's roundup is also found on our NC Blog Index. Commentaries by Cynthia is not a purely political blog, but is very nicely written and a fun blog to read through. Do scroll down below her initial statement and family collage for newer content. The top date threw me off - thought maybe the blog hadn't been updated, but it has. If you scroll through the pages you will find that Cynthia has written a book and writes a monthly column. Her BlueNC userid is Cynthia Elle.

I promise to do this as often as I can find the time. Just a quick highlight and link. It's fun, but very time consuming. There are so many good blogs out there it's hard to tear myself away to get back to my own writing.

Happy Saturday, Y'all!



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