Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jim Black Appeals Ruling of SBOE

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Jim Black has appealed the ruling of the SBOE to the Wake County Superior Court. (Wake County is an assumption and the article was not specific.) They are hoping that a favorable ruling will prevent criminal charges being filed by the DA in Raleigh.

I have read the law in question and it does appear to leave some room for interpretation. I guess it depends on whether the court decides to view this based on the letter of the law - its exact wording, or the spirit of the law - what was intended by those who wrote it. Regardless of this ruling, I think the wording needs to be cleaned up to prevent misinterpretation in the future.

I have called for Jim Black to resign, or at the very least to step down from his position as Speaker. No, I don't think my voice carries any weight. I just think that we need to move forward and remove any hint of dishonesty or poor judgment from our legislature. I will update as the news is posted.


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