Thursday, March 30, 2006

Are You Ready for the Lottery?

It arrives today here in NC. I'm not much of a lottery fan and it bothers me to think that some people might find a new addiction and waste money on lottery tickets that should go to basic living expenses.

However! You have to admit that naming a game/ticket Sweet Tea 2 is hilarious and sweet tea is very big in these parts. When my husband and I moved to Ohio, I used to get a kick out of asking for sweet tea in restaurants. Some people were used to it and would respond with, "You must be from the South." Others would look at me like I was an alien from mars.

I probably won't buy any tickets today. I may not buy any ever. I'm not big on throwing my money away and if I was going to spend a few bucks it wouldn't be on a lottery ticket. I hope those of you who do buy your tickets all hit the jackpot...or at least get your money back!


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