Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woodward's Credibility Gap

Bob Woodward just couldn't stand being left out of the spotlight. It turns out that he had the leak on Plame before Novak and he didn't even tell his bosses at the Washington Post. I doubt the WaPo will rid itself of Woodward just yet, so he may not be joining Judy Miller on our list of PowerHo bloggers for a while.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this little blurb on Bob Woodward's performance on Larry King Live the night before Libby's indictments were announced. My opinion of him has not improved.

Jane Hamsher has some great posts today expanding on Woodward's role in all of this. Armando at Daily Kos posted some interesting tidbits as well. The best article comes from the Washington Post's own Dan Froomkin.

At least one other person has claimed that Plame's identity was common knowledge and that he knew about it before it was leaked. That's Fred Barnes, the Republicon senator from Tennessee. Sure, Fred, of course you knew. Now why don't you tell Fitz who told you. Fred, don't you think that the only reason it was common knowledge was because someone in the White House wanted it to be common knowledge? Don't you find it more than a little bit funny that only Republicons knew Plame's identity? I do.

What is it Rumsfeld says? They lie consistently and it works. It seems the terrorists aren't the only group adept at this practice.


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