Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dole Doesn't Think Rules Apply to Her

Liddy Dole is playing the victim. Oh, poor Liddy. She hired an assistant treasurer who had worked on her husband's campaigns. He was given sole authority over campaign contributions with no supervision at all. I would love to know who recommended this guy. He wasn't even supervised by the treasurer of the committee.

To be fair, the problem was found by DNCVC their own internal audit and was reported. But they are claiming that Hayward embezzled the money and the committee shouldn't be required to pay it back.

Hayward has reimbursed over $30,000 to the committee. To my knowledge none of this money has been used by the committee to start making the required refunds. Dole and her committee say they aren't responsible because they are the victims and it is entirely Hayward's fault. The FEC feels differently.

DNCVC chose to rely on one person's reputation and honesty rather than establishing a system where duties were segregated to provide checks and balances. That reliance allowed the embezzlement to occur and inaccurate disclosure reports to be filed.

For the full copy of the FEC audit and ruling you can go
here. This is a PDF file and is very easy to read and understand.
I'll report more on this later. I'm disgusted with Elizabeth Dole and Republicans in general.


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