Thursday, November 10, 2005

Talented Democrats don't all seek office

While I have lambasted a few of our elected Democrats it is much more difficult to find fault with a cast of very talented Dems who dedicate many unpaid hours to get other Democrats elected to office.

I can think of three recently who have worked tirelessly to either run campaigns or assist those who do run them. Pamela Bennett, Dan McCorkle and Tom Chumley have worked for many years on political campaigns. Why are these three so special? The most important thing is they keep it clean. I don't remember a dirty campaign linked to any of their names. Unlike others in the local campaign management business they can win without trying to damage the other candidate. Maybe they do a better job of picking their candidates. I think they just know how to succeed through plain hard work. Speaking of which, I guess they are back to their real jobs and won't have time to read this. My hat is off to these three and all the others who work so hard and are so dedicated to this process. Good job guys!

Dan, I still say she doesn't have it in her. I can taste that steak now!


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