Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woodward's Big Fat Lie

In my earlier post I said Bob Woodward had a credibility issue. Forget that. Woodward's actions are those of a coward and a liar. His lie of omission wasn't just a lie to his bosses and coworkers at the Washington Post it was a lie to the readers of the Washington Post as well.

I just watched Leonard Downie, Executive Editor Washington Post, circle the wagons around Woodward on CNN. I guess he is still a big old fat cash cow for the paper. It's too bad Downie doesn't recognize the damage that Woodward's dishonesty and ego will do to the paper's reputation and the credibility of the other reporters who work there.

Wolf Blitzer pushed Downie to explain why the WaPo didn't report Woodward's revelation back in October. The Post could have reported Woodward's involvement without releasing the names of sources. Downie did quite a bit of bobbing and weaving to avoid answering Blitzer's question. Can you say obfuscation?

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post says that Woodward was trying to avoid a subpoena. Kurtz writes about it
here. Kurtz quotes Woodward as saying that he didn't want to do anything that would attract the attention of Fitzgerald.

In other words Woodward didn't want to go to jail. To avoid jail Woodward lied. He lied on Larry King Live. He lied to his editors by failing to tell them about his involvement. Has he lied to his readers? Has he lied in his books? Where does he draw the line? Does he only lie when it keeps him out of jail?

Speaking of Howard Kurtz, he is on CNN now and he says that Woodward is missing the point when he says his (Woodward's) involvement is no big deal. It sounds like Woodward's lying to everyone, especially himself.


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