Friday, October 20, 2006

Republicans in '08: Party of Fear

From the Washington Post: It looks like Republicans will be reaching back into their bag of gags to pull these elections out too. The overall theme is fear. If they don't scare you out of your socks with talk about a Nuclear North Korea or a Nuclear Iran, then they will scare their base out of their wits and to the polls with the spectre of scaaarrrry Nancy Pelosi as house speaker.


Hey! I'm not making this up. They even admit that's their plan. They can't run on their records because other than a tax break for ultra rich people like Congressman Robin Hayes(NC-08) and Congressman Charles Taylor(NC-11) in NC they don't have a record to run on.

Answer me this. Have you seen one ad sponsored by the Hayes campaign that talks about all of his accomplishments? Nope. Not one. All he's done is attack Larry Kissell. When you haven't done anything right all that's left is to scare your base into voting for you.


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