Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Please Sign this Petition

Anglico is a good friend and colleague at BlueNC. He wrote this piece the other day and I have been remiss in posting it here. I apologize. I have taken the liberty of bringing his entire post to The Southern Dem since I am too slack to be creative this morning. Please read and sign the petition.

Yesterday I wrote about the power of one individual vote in one individual district to change the world for the greater good. Today I'm asking that you join me in signing an open appeal to all North Carolinians currently represented by Republicans in Congress.

To: North Carolinians with Republican Congressmen

On November 7th, you have the opportunity to change the course of history. Using the most powerful tool in the world, your vote, you can restore America's integrity and honor.

North Carolina Republicans in Congress have betrayed American values. They have sold us out to moneyed interests, driving up stock prices and driving down wages. They have pushed through health policies that protect drug companies instead of senior citizens. They have created massive deficits. They have condoned the practice of torture. They aren't taking care of your district because they aren't taking care of America. And if they stay in power any longer, bad will turn to worse. You can already see it coming.

The only way to change the course is for at least one house of Congress to be controlled by Democrats.

Your individual vote on November 7 could be the one that changes the world. So when you go to the polls, please cast your ballot for the Democratic candidate.

We are your neighbors here in North Carolina, and we thank you very much.

Why couldn't we get a million registered Democrats in North Carolina to join in signing this petition?

It will take a lot of word-spreading to make something big happen. So if you're willing to help, please:

1. Link the petition or this entry to your personal blog
2. Email the link to the petition to your personal lists of friends and family
3. Post the link in comments on open threads in other blogs like those listed here.

Thanks for all you do.


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