Friday, September 08, 2006

Give Larry Kissell 10 and He'll Give you Congress (NC-08)

Larry Kissell has been drawing crowds of volunteers. We are literally coming out of the woodwork, but it will take many, many more of us on the phones, hitting the neighborhoods, putting out signs, attending events and fundraisers, stuffing envelopes and just about every other activity it takes to run a campaign. Those of us living in and around North Carolina's 8th CD will take care of much of that work, but we need your help backing us up on the phones. Give Larry 10 and he'll give you Congress.

It's really quite simple. Follow this link and sign up. You will receive a list of names with phone numbers that you can call. They are attached to a script. Print it out and make your calls. In a matter of minutes you will be able to reach ten people in the district to help spread the word about Larry's candidacy.

He has been walking the neighborhoods. He's been out in the scorching sun and the pouring rain. He has had a wonderful reception. People are welcoming the news that there is a man who wants to take their voice to Washington. He not only listens, he understands. He is their neighbor, teacher, church deacon. He is the Everyman of the 8th District.

If you missed his new ads that are debuting today on television, please make sure you watch them. It is easy to get a sense of how genuine Larry is from watching these ads. They aren't rehearsed or stilted and are perfect for a huge majority of the district. These folks are hurting. They are already angry and disillusioned over Robin Hayes' betrayal. They need to feel they have an alternative they can feel good about and these ads give them that alternative.

Ad#1 - Kissell Solutions
Ad#2 - Takin' Our Country Back

Here is a second link. Sign up to phone today. Spread the word about a wonderful candidate. No matter where you live you can help spread the word about Larry Kissell.


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