Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Masters of the Obvious

I haven't spent too much time writing about local politics since falling head over heels with my new favorite Democrat, Larry Kissell. However, Carrie Levine from The Charlotte Observer interviewed the at-large candidates for the Board of County Commissioners in Mecklenburg County and gave them each some attention in the paper.

I must admit that I was floored with the two quotes that were near the top. Parks Helms and Jim Puckett win the "Masters of the Obvious" award this month.

From Parks Helms(D) we get:
"We have a dramatically different approach," said current commissioners Chairman Parks Helms, one of three Democratic incumbents seeking re-election, referring to the Republicans.
Ya think?

From Jim Puckett(R) we get:
Said Republican Jim Puckett, a district representative making his first at-large bid: "We either will continue down the path of the status quo, or we will change." Puckett said this is the most conservative slate Republicans have fielded for the board.
And, obviously not the brightest.

I feel sorry for Carrie. Imagine having to sit through hours of interviews sorting through statements like this trying to find the tiniest morsel that doesn't make the candidates sound like blithering idiots. Now, if you really want to scare yourselves silly, imagine that these are the morsels that don't make them sound like blithering idiots.

Now, I've known Parks Helms since I was a very little girl and I've heard him say a lot of smart things in my life, so I'm going to give him a pass and pledge to vote for him anyway. Plus, the D by his name is a big bonus. The above comment is actually one of the more astute comments I've ever heard from Puckett. Combine that with the R by his name and, well, let's just say I'm going to pass on Puckett this time around.

Disclaimer: I do vote for Republicans in local elections. That may have to end.


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