Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Robin Hayes, NC-08, Eviscerated by Editorial Board

If the opinion of the editorial board of the
Richmond County Daily Journal
(free subscription) is any indication of how folks living in the 8th Congressional District feel about Robin Hayes, that man is toast.

They start the piece by saying Robin Hayes wins an award. Genius! Brilliant! That draws in all of the Robin Hayes "I'm a nice guy" Kool-Aid crowd.
Congratulations to U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC8). His hard work in Washington is finally being noticed.

The congressman has been lauded by Washingtonian magazine in its “Best & Worst of Congress” issue released last week.

Find out what the editorial board has in store for Hayes on the flip side...

Then comes the little surprise they have lying in wait....the reason for the award.
Hayes was feted for his infamous flip-flop on the Central American Free Trade Agreement. His waffling earned him second place on the magazine’s “Spineless” list.
Then, as if anyone needs reminding.....and we know there are some who may be in need of deep intervention....they remind us why Hayes qualifies for the award.
You might recall Hayes was a “solid no” on CAFTA until the 11th hour and 59th minute July 27, 2005. That’s when Speaker Dennis Hastert allegedly gave him a blank check for the 8th District in exchange for reversal on the issue.
The rest is such a work of art that those of us in the snarkitudious world of blogging are put to shame and I will simply let it speak for itself. I have gone way beyond fair-use here, but I can think of no other way to honor the snarkifiable greatness of the editorial board than to allow them to speak for themselves.
If that blank check exists, Hayes hasn’t bothered to cash it. Or at least if he has, Richmond County and its textile workers haven’t seen a penny from those 30 silver pieces.

The truth is, the 8th District and its textile workers will never get enough payback from Hayes and Hassert(sic) to merit being sold across the border yet again.

The not-so-dynamic duo had one thing and one thing only on their minds when they betrayed these workers: making fat-cat industrialists even fatter by paving the way for them to make their goods using dirt-cheap labor elsewhere instead of American workers.

Hayes is waivering dangerously close to being spineless on another issue important to Richmond County residents — the proposed VA clinic.

All along it was supposed to be in Hamlet, but mysteriously the location jumped to being in one of three counties when Hayes visited Richmond in August. Hayes’ waffling was duly noted.

We’re happy to see Hayes recognized — and fittingly, at that — for his spineless turn-around on CAFTA. If he keeps waffling on issues like the proposed VA clinic’s location, he may be up for another spineless honor.
Ouch. Double Ouch!


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