Thursday, December 22, 2005

Malcolm Graham's Feet are Wet and His Eye is on the Prize

In this case the prize is the package of deals he can bring to Mecklenburg County from Raleigh. Graham is hard at work and according to this Charlotte Observer article he is working hard for his district and Mecklenburg County.

Mr. Graham was my representative on the Charlotte City Council and is now my senator in Raleigh. I'm happy to see that he is making the most of his time there.

Graham has been working hard to pass legislation that will help combat gang violence and prevent gang membership from growing. While some legislation is still pending for 2006, Graham helped get $2 million in the state budget for programs that will encourage children to stay away from gangs.

Sharif Durhams includes two quotes from Graham that help explain why I like him so much. It isn't necessarily his platform that sways me his way, it's his willingness to take a chance and to not "go along, just to get along." He is his own man. He is independent of the party machine.

"For me, it's a fine balance between being a part of the team, so I can get things done back at home, and keeping my independence," Graham said.

Durhams writes a nice profile piece on a man who deserves the positive attention. Graham is not only busy in Raleigh, he continues to make his presence known in Mecklenburg County. He drove Patsy Kinsey around to the polls on primary election day for a few hours and probably helped other candidates. He also attended the oath of office ceremony for the new Charlotte City Council on December 5th. I'm sure Graham continues to support his community in many ways that I'm not personally aware of. It's good to see that he remains a positive force at home while providing leadership in Raleigh.

We need more men and women in Raleigh and Washington who are there to lead rather than just play politics.


Blogger True Meck Dem said...

He needs to come back to Charlotte and run for mayor.

8:09 AM, December 23, 2005  
Blogger B. Muse said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful? He would make a great mayor and then would be positioned beautifully to head off to Washington when Mel Watt retires.

9:08 AM, December 23, 2005  

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