Friday, December 09, 2005

NC GOP Rep Flip Flops on Illegal Immigration

Back on November 15, I wrote a piece about Sue Myrick and her contradictory positions on illegal immigration. In her early days in the House she voted to promote sprawl of illegal immigrants. Her votes made it easier for them to stay and work, play, support their families, and commit crimes. At no time in her first 4 years in Congress did Sue Myrick see illegal immigration as something to limit or control. Boy, how times have changed.

Now that it is a political hot button for the Republican party, especially here in NC, Sue and her fellow GOP Reps in the House have decided that they should come down hard on illegal immigrants. Yes, I know there have been some tragic deaths at the hands of drunk drivers who are illegal immigrants, but is that enough to explain the abrupt change in Sue's position?

Of course not! Sue and her cronies in the House want to save their political hides. NC Republicans are angry over the flux of illegal immigrants to our state, so Sue is going to ride in on her white horse and save the day. There's just that one teensy weensy problem with her voting record on immigration.

While her NC GOP cohorts on the hill have pretty much voted consistently to limit the sprawl of illegal immigrants, Sue has not. As mentioned above, in her first four years Sue consistently voted to promote the sprawl of illegals and to make their lives easier. In other words, Sue helped create this problem. Now she wants to look like the hero as she cleans up her own mess.

If you read my first piece on Myrick you will notice similarities between this rant and that one. Well, not much has changed since then. I've decided that I will keep ranting about Myrick's votes on immigration each time she gets herself in the newspaper headlines on this issue. Today, she was in the Charlotte Observer. Today she is here.

Sue, it's the war stupid.


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