Monday, March 12, 2007

Char-Meck Police Recorded Call - Missing Person

It's a little shocking to receive a phone call at 9:30 and see Char Meck Police in the caller ID field. It turned out to be a recorded call about a missing person in our area. I have to admit it. I like this new (?) tactic. Here's what I know:
A 73-year-old man named James Felder is missing in the area of Rebecca Run Drive near Concord Mills Mall. He is African American, 5'3" tall and was last seen wearing a black leather hat and a dark jacket. If you see Mr. Felder - or a man matching this description, please call 911.
I didn't have to wait for the evening news. I wasn't watching television or listening to the radio, so I wouldn't have seen this announcement anyway.

Someone play devil's advocate for me. What's wrong with the police using a robocall to get this type of alert out?

If you're driving around out this way, please keep you eyes peeled for Mr. Felder.

Update:The Charlotte Observer has a short announcement with a picture to help with identifying Mr. Felder. He is an alzheimer's patient.


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