Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Slow Painful Death of the Neocon Ideology

As much as I would like to wax poetic about the death of Neocon ideology and possibly the slow painful torture of a few neocons, I am tied up today with preparations for houseguests. I did find this Newsweek article by Michael Hirsh an interesting read. It's only a two pager and worth your time. My favorite quote:
Until then, unfortunately, the debate over the neocon agenda—whether it becomes a mere historical footnote or perhaps, tragically, a watershed for the decline of U.S. power—will not be completely resolved in anyone's mind. What is clear, at the very least, is that the cavalier neocon attitude toward military power is over. It will be another generation before any American president after Bush will have an appetite for going to war. The danger now is that, despite these
realities on the ground, regime-change fever continues to affect some at the upper levels of the Bush administration who cannot admit the titanic errors made with Iraq.
After 10 years of having to endure torture at the hands of the Repubicans and 6 years of sheer hell at the hands of the neocons, I enjoyed reading this passage. I'll be checking back in and catching up at


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