Monday, April 24, 2006

Morally deficient in Montana

Are they morally deficient in Montana, or do they simply lack brains? It appears that Conrad Burns has started to gain popularity again with voters in Montana. While he still trails the closest Democratic opponent, he is not far behind. One Democrat interviewed for this WaPo article said he had voted for Burns in the past and he probably would again.
"As far as this Abramoff deal goes, don't you think all of these lobbyists expect something in return for the money they give the politicians, be it Burns or whatever?" asked Rick Hill, 62, a retired railroad conductor who said he is a Democrat, that he voted for Burns before and that he will probably do so
Oh, please! Several sitting Republican congressmen are acknowledged adulterers. Does this mean we should expect them all to start cheating on their wives or that it would be just fine if they did because, "everybody does it?"

Craig Harris, a professor of political science at Montana State University, says the Burns campaign is in trouble, however it might not make much difference to voters.
"At some point in Montana, there is a dislike of outsiders and the national press telling us what to think," Harris said. "The thinking is he is a son of a gun, but he is our son of a gun and he can bring home the bacon."
Ahhhh, so they don't care if he plays outside the law and can be bought and paid for as long as he brings home plenty of pork to Montana. Wow.

There is some good news in these poll numbers. The poll is a Rasmussen poll and his polls favor Republican candidates. In the presidential approval polls he tends to poll 7-10 points higher than the others. I don't know which are right, but he sometimes appears to be an outlier in the polling numbers.


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