Monday, April 24, 2006

Myrick: Federal Government Not Above the Law

The Charlotte Observer is running a series on the illegal immigration debate. Of course they are since it is one of the GOP's issues and since it is Sue Myrick's pet issue.

In reading the article in today's issue, though something really stuck out for me and it had nothing to do with illegal immigration. It's a quote from Sue Myrick.
"There shouldn't be excuses when they know something is definitely amiss and
just keep ignoring it," Myrick said when contacted by the Observer. "We need to
get on top of what can be done. ... The federal government is not above the
Wow, that last sentence is a doozy. The federal government is not above the law. I wonder how she feels about her president's illegal wiretap scheme? I guarantee you she would find a way to excuse that one. God, how I despise hypocrites.


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