Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kissell Files For Congress

The following is the text from a press release from the Kissell campaign. I thought it was important to get this out, so I'm printing it in its entirety. Good luck, Larry!

Democrat seeks to get America back on the course of peaceful prosperity

Kissell: "I'm just getting started."

BISCOE, NORTH CAROLINA - Larry Kissell officially filed to run for Congress today. He first announced his intentions for District 8 before a group of approximately 200 supporters in Montgomery County during late November. Yesterday, he toured locally owned Bear Creek Hosiery in Montgomery County, then spoke that evening to a gathering in Raeford. Tonight, he addresses the Senior Democrats of Cabarrus County as his first official campaign address since filing.

Kissell commented on his filing, "I saw a bumper sticker the other day that best explains why I got in this race 10 weeks ago. It said, 'Fed up? … Vote Democrat.' That's exactly why I got in this race. Because like a lot of folks across this district, I am angry about the direction our country is headed.The truth is, well intentioned people told me right out of the gates that nobody could beat Robin Hayes. But as I've visited every county in this district, I realized that it's not just Democrats who are fed-up with the Washington politicians. It's everybody.Most reasonable folks would agree that we need to shake things up in Washington. And while I may be late to the game, I want people to know that I'm not behind … I'm just getting started.

My fundraising program is just beginning to hit its stride, and my political operation is geared up.
I've only been in this campaign for about 10 weeks. And during those 10 weeks, my anger about the direction of America has become hope for the folks who are struggling. We need hope. Too many families in the 8th district are struggling to hang on until the end of the month, instead of working to achieve the American Dream. This is sad, and it must change. Hard working people are doing all they can to heat their homes, and yet they wake up each morning before work to a cold house. Our parents and grandparents alike are ignoring illness because they don't have health insurance, or worse yet, they are not taking their life-saving prescriptions because Washington won't do anything to bring down drug costs. When I see friends and neighbors facing these tough times, I know that America has lost her way and it's time for a change.And as I watch Robin Hayes ignore these everyday issues, I now know that I have to win this race because I'm fighting the fight to get America back on the course of peaceful prosperity. White and black, rich and poor, urban and rural are collectively fed-up with the nonsense that the Washington politicians have been trying to sell us. I've met a lot of folks who say they are tired getting their hopes up every year just to have them dashed by another Robin Hayes victory. To them and to you, let me say, this year really will be different.

I've learned that the majority of the questions I get about running for Congress are about how much money I've raised. I now realize that to get the attention we need for the serious issues we face, we must raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't like the system, but I'm raising the money it takes and getting the support we need to win this election. I've been overwhelmed at the support and I will work hard every day to see this through."

ABOUT LARRY KISSELLKissell, 55, is a native of Montgomery County. He spent 27 years in management in the local textile industry. In 2001, Kissell left management and became a high school teacher. He has a degree in economics from Wake Forest University. He and his wife Tina live in Biscoe and have two daughters.


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