Thursday, February 09, 2006

National News Review

The New York Times (NYT) : The U.S. military's humanitarian efforts to make sure no detainee goes hungry at Guantanamo. Republican's yank the teeth out of the push for reform. White House finally decides to brief the full House Intelligence Committee AFTER the administration broke the law.
The Washington Post (WaPo) : FISA judges are not too happy with the illegal wiretapping.
Russell Senate building evacuated. Everyone is OK. Many years of deep cuts in the budget to ease deficit. Middle and lower income need to suck it up again because in Bush's world only the rich are entitled. The elderly and the poor might as well suck it up too, because Bush plans to slow growth of Medicare and Medicaid right when the ranks of those in need will swell.
Time: House Republicans decide they don't want lobbying reform afterall. Senators on both sides of the aisle afraid Bush has claimed unlimited powers claiming time of war warrants them. (No wonder he doesn't want to end the war!)
Newsweek: Hirsh says that feds are pretty much incompetent and still don't know how to track terrorists.

I will be updating the review of items in local/state papers later. I have several deadlines I'm working on. I'm sorry for so little original writing of late.


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