Wednesday, February 08, 2006

National News Review

Here's a roundup of what some of the more popular for-profit news sources are saying in their headlines:
The New York Times (NYT):
Lawmaker Heather Wilson (R - New Mexico) calls for an immediate inquiry into the illegal wiretap operations conducted by the NSA and the Bush administration.
Gonzales still defends the President's illegal actions. Finally, some Democrats need to figure out what they stand for. The rest of us already know.
Obama and McCain kiss and make up...sort of. Baucus says Bush tax overhaul is dead.
The Washington Post (WaPo):
New budget proposal from President regurgitated from what didn't pass last year. Bush/Gonzales defense on legal wiretapping just doesn't make sense. Boehner follows Duke Cunningham's lead and rents his apartment from a lobbyist.
USA Today:
Bush figuring out new ways to deny habeas. Foes of reproductive choice stoop to new lows.
Federal government wastes space and tax dollars. Bush lies about entitlement cuts...Time calls it a "trick."
Newsweek: Bush tries to privatize Social Security again.


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