Friday, December 09, 2005

Delay Delayed Again

So Sorry, I just can't help myself when it comes to DeLay's delays..........

The story is here.

From the story it appears that the next step will be for the state of Texas (Ronnie Earle) to decide whether to appeal the ruling the judge made to dismiss the conspiracy charge against DeLay. Now, I don't know Ronnie Earle. I don't know just how political he is. It's possible that he could decide to appeal the ruling because he feels it is a legitimate charge. If he decides to appeal and an appeals court decides that it is not a legitimate charge the DeLay camp will come out with the "I told you so" response. Earle could also chose to appeal just to delay the trial further and deal another blow to DeLay's hopes of getting back to Washington to reclaim his leadership role.

If Earle doesn't chose to appeal this ruling, the next step will be for Senior Judge Pat Priest to decide whether there was prosecutorial misconduct as the DeLay camp claims. If Priest decides there was misconduct the case will be thrown out.

While I would be tremendously disappointed to see DeLay get off easy on what looks like a classic money laundering case, I believe he will be seeing the inside of plenty of courtrooms in the coming years.


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