Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Artur Davis Endorses Larry Kissell for Congress in '08

Congressman Artur Davis has announced his endorsement of Larry Kissell in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District.
After spending time with Larry Kissell and the people of North Carolina the weekend of March 23rd, the top recruiter for the ’08 congressional campaign cycle appreciated why Kissell came within 400 votes of becoming the next congressman for North Carolina’s 8th District.

“When you experience the enthusiasm that still exists for this humble and capable man,” said U.S. Representative Artur Davis,” you feel even more positive about what he accomplished in 2006 and what he will achieve in 2008.”

“Larry Kissell will be the next congressman for North Carolina's 8th District,” Davis said.
I had the pleasure of meeting Congressman Davis when he visited Charlotte last year to offer support for Larry and enjoyed seeing him again this past weekend. This is what I had to say when Rep. Davis and Rep. Watt both rallied a crowd of Kissell supporters last year.

Rep. Davis is a rising star himself. He first ran for office in 2000 and lost. He won when he ran again in 2002 and in his last primary won with 92% of the vote. General election challengers have been wise enough to steer clear. Rep. Davis serves on the judiciary and ways and means committees and is co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition.

Those of us frustrated with the selection process of the DCCC in the last cycle should take heart. Rep. Davis hints at why:
“There is no question that Larry is the strongest and best candidate to run in North Carolina 8. Sometimes it takes more than one shot to get it done, and I think Larry will this time,” Davis said.


“There were a number of close races last fall, but none more heartbreaking than Larry’s race. But because of his success, we will be looking for more Larry Kissells in other parts of the country this cycle – individuals who are of the people and who truly want to serve.

“That’s Larry Kissell, and that’s why we will be calling him Congressman Kissell in January 2009. [Emphasis my own.]
Rep. Artur Davis has been steadfast in his support of Larry Kissell. I believe him when he says he's looking for "individuals who are of the people." What an encouraging way to start out this cycle.

Good on ya, Congressman, good on ya.

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