Friday, May 19, 2006

Robin Hayes, NC-08: Bought and Paid For

Well, I'll be damned. Robin Hayes sure is making it easy on me. I do enjoy research and I had planned to take a look at his time in Congress and line up his votes and compare them to the influx of contributions surrounding his votes, but I didn't think I would find something so damning in the first couple of minutes of research.

On Wednesday I wrote about the stunt Hayes pulled at the gas station when he announced he would introduce legislation that would provide tax breaks to those companies who install facilities to provide E85.

It gets better below the fold...

Today, while reviewing his recent
FEC filings I find that he has received two $2500 contributions from the Petroleum Marketers Association, Inc. They were dated 4/21/06. Thirteen days later, Robin Hayes introduced legislation that would benefit members of this association.

Don't let the name fool you.
PMAA's members are independently owned service stations and convenience stores - the very businesses that will benefit from this new tax legislation.

It took 13 days from the receipt of the $5000 contribution to the introduction of legislation that would be favorable to the contributor. I probably didn't have to connect that dot for you, but I wanted to anyway.

I'm not saying that Robin Hayes broke any laws when he accepted $5000 right before he introduced legislation that would benefit the members of the association giving the money. I'm just saying......

Update: Someday I'll learn to finish my research before I open my mouth or start to type. PMAA has only made two contributions to other candidates in the month of April, John Mica and Kevin McCarthy. Both men were given $1000. I guess they weren't doing as much for PMAA. Remember, I'm not saying Robin Hayes did anything in exchange for the $5000...I'm just saying......


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