Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Morning Action Plan to Protect our National Forests

With everything else that is going on in the world many people haven't noticed the attack by the Bush administration on some of our most precious treasures. The President has planned to make up for a shortfall in funds for rural schools by selling off the logging lands in our National Forests to make up the difference. Yes, that's right. He's selling off the land base making it even more difficult to meet the demands satisfied by logging sales. Only an idiot, right?

Today's action plan requires that you educate yourself on this issue. This is the hardest part if you aren't aware of what is going on. I will provide the links to the information and all you have to do is read. We will be using this information for the rest of the action plan steps this week. This is an important action plan. The public has until March 30, to submit their comments to the Department of Agriculture. We need a public outcry to keep this unprecedented sale from taking place.

Step One: Read - As you read come up with what you feel are the three most important reasons why we should not sell off our National Forests.

Department of Agriculture request for comments (includes a summary)
* US
Department of Agriculture website with more links for information.
List of lands potentially eligible for sale.
Asheville Citizen-Times article
Charlotte Observer article
Southern Environmental Law Service

From the Blogs:
* S
crutiny Hooligans1, Scrutiny Hooligans2, Scrutiny Hooligans3
Common Dreams

This should be enough for you to feel fully informed about this issue. If you want more, though, you can follow this
link to a list of resources put together by a professor at UNC Asheville.


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