Friday, April 27, 2007

State Senator Malcolm Graham Declines to Run for Mayor of Charlotte

State Senator Malcolm Graham has decided against running to replace Pat McCrory as mayor of Charlotte. Jim Morrill of The Charlotte Observer has the expanded story on Graham's announcement.
State Sen. Malcolm Graham found his epiphany in the closet.

Saturday morning, he had to decide what to wear -- a suit, to attend Mecklenburg County's Democratic convention, or sweats, to go to his daughter's basketball tournament.

He chose the sweats.

"That was a telling moment about what I really wanted to do, and where my focus was," Graham said Monday.

The choice helped Graham clarify a decision not to run for Charlotte mayor this fall, ending weeks of speculation. The two-term senator also said it's "unlikely" that he'll run for re-election in 2008.
Malcolm Graham is my senator and I've known him for a while. I think he would do a terrific job as mayor of Charlotte. I know a lot of people who agree with me.

Graham owns his own consulting firm where he works to help African American business owners and entrepreneurs. Given his background and career choice I feel certain he would prioritize efforts to continue breaking down barriers that run along racial and socio-economic lines.

When faced with a difficult decision, Malcolm Graham is a man who would do the right thing. I trust that is what he is doing now.

If he ultimately decides against continuing in the NC Senate, I won't count him out for the long haul. His girls will be in college and that empty nest might just send him looking for a new hobby. He has enough fans among Charlotte voters to assure an easy return to politics if he ever decides to seek office again.

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