Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stealing Democracy

They're Republicans. We shouldn't expect them to actually want the democratic process to work. They'd much rather be able to buy the votes they need to stay in power with all that K-Street money and the PAC contributions from the big oil companies and Phrma.

Robin Hayes' attempt to subvert the democratic process by denying valid votes should come as no surprise. As a congressman he has consistently denied the will of his constituency. Why would we expect him to honor their right to cast a vote?

The Charlotte Observer reported yesterday that Robin Hayes was challenging the majority of provisional ballots that traditionally have been accepted as valid. As the provisional ballots have been counted and Larry Kissell edges closer to victory more of the story of Robin Hayes' hypocrisy has come to light.

In a press release from the NCDP we find out this morsel:
Robin Hayes’ opposition to counting valid votes goes back at least as far as the 2000 Florida recount for Bush/Gore. A Charlotte Observer story when the Florida Supreme Court ordered a statewide recount confirms Hayes’ disregard for the will of voters.

Robin Hayes in 2000: "Hayes has little sympathy for those who cast the disputed ballots the court ordered recounted. Most were punch cards whose presidential votes machines could not read. ‘We vote with the same machines in Cabarrus County that they use in Florida,’ he said. ‘Somebody ought to send the IRS down to these counties, because if they can't punch out a ballot, they sure can't fill out an IRS form.’” [Charlotte Observer, 12/9/2000]

How nice. Class act there, Robin. You get your rocks off making fun of voters, do you?

Obviously, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. Hayes' press secretary, Carolyn Hern thinks ridiculing Larry for protecting the democratic process is called for, as evidenced in this quote from The Fayetteville Observer via NCDP:
Robin Hayes’ spokeswoman Carolyn Hern today: “Is [Kissell] trying to find hanging chads?"
It sounds outrageous and bizarre, but Robin Hayes and his spokesperson Carolyn Hern do not want Americans to have their votes counted and they ridicule the man who does.


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